Bryn Work.
Documentary Photographer.

Documentary photos by Bryn Work,  documentary photos shown at the centre for british photography,

East Seasons.
I have always been involved with photography, but never has it been at the forefront of my life until now. My mum used a Pentax PC35AF to document family life up until she sadly passed away from cancer when I was twelve. Wanting to stay connected, I used her camera and carried on documenting life's adventures, up until I left for the Royal Air Force at nineteen.
Twenty-two years have since passed, including eight operational tours across the Middle East from Afghanistan to Iraq.
In between deployments, I discovered a passion for DJing, naturally progressing into electronic music production. Venturing around Hackney, East London, I would record sights and sounds with my phone for inspiration, capturing the energy I felt on the streets. I would go onto complete my own album, collaborating with many friends along the way. I am proud of the music I created, but it was quite exhausting for someone who is introverted in a lot of ways.
Just before I retired from the military I was diagnosed with dyslexia, and that has helped me understand more about my personal strengths in design, creativity, and interactive skills. Since discovering Ansel Adams was also dyslexic and was a musician before he was a photographer, I have been inspired to focus my skills on photography, owing to my introverted personality. Capturing still images has helped me reconnect with the intertwined memories of my mother's camera and the photos of my past. 
With my new camera in hand, a long form project named "East Seasons" has begun to take shape. During the last decade, I have seen a lot of change within Hackney. An influx of new characterless buildings and population change is slowly displacing the original community. There is an increasing economic and cultural contrast between those that remain and those moving in or passing through. I want to capture a true representation of the Hackney community over a period of four seasons, choosing people lost in their own moment or creating a portrait together, recording elements of change and presented without preconceived judgement. I will be donating any royalties earned from this project to local charity supporting food banks across the UK. 
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