Submit your British Documentary Photography here. It's FREE!

It's easy to submit documentary photographs to the Centre. We are pleased to see all work by practicing documentary photographers. Whatever you shoot, colour, BW, film or digital if you have relevant and interesting social documentary photo essays, we would like to see them. Submit your documentary photographs to us for a chance to be given space on the CBDP website. 

Here at the Centre for British Documentary Photography we are particularly interested in new and emerging talents as well as the older hands and eyes that have been around the British documentary scene. Our aim is to build a quality source for documentary photography from across the UK that will enlighten the viewer to all aspects of our multi-ethnic culture. 
We kindly remind you that we are principally interested in photojournalistic documentary work, and in no case series of portraits or fine art photographs. We are concerned with the human element and work submitted must reflect that.

If accepted you will get a personal page and text with link to your own website or social media. We ask that you link to us also.
Your gallery page is built and maintained by us, all you have to do is send the images and commit to supporting us with your work and occasional social media posts to promote the website etc. There is also the chance to have your projects featured within our program of photography exhibitions, a much valued space for documentary photographers.
The CBDP also publishes's  a photography magazine - your work has the potential to be featured in the magazine and you will receive a royalty from this. Very much like professional journalism!
Please note: Humanity magazine aims to publish new work and isn't about replicating the website in print. Those willing to work on new projects have the upper hand. Inclusion on the website doesn't guarantee inclusion in the magazine. Also, the magazine articles are text and photo driven. Images will need circa 2000+ words in article format. We do not talk about the photography process or equipment. 

What to do now: Read this page!
Please upload/submit one image and a small piece of text about the work/project. Include your website address or social media URL.
You must have a functioning website or social media platform where you will place a link to us, actually to your page here on the CBDP platform. No back link, no uploads. Sorry.
We do not judge work on "perceived quality" which is a personal thing anyway, but on relevancy and originality. If the work you show us is unsuccessful please try again with another project. Do not be put off.
All images must be resized by you. 600pi on the longest side is the perfect size. File sizes for each image should be in the region of 400 to 800Kb maximum saved as jpeg at 100 quality.
File names should be : Your Name. Project name. We will give you full details.
Ideally your website/URL should have a body of work centred around one theme or story.
We will get back to you with more details about the final Upload if you are successful. You will need 10 to 15 images for your Gallery. You can upload a single story or a selection of images.
Use this email for your text and URL details. No images please. Be sure to match the email with your name and project name on the uploaded file. 

Thank you. We are excited to see your work.