CBDP - exploring new documentary photography. 

Our mission at the Centre for British Documentary Photography is to inspire and inform the viewer, making available quality documentary images through our online galleries and printed media.

Social documentary Photograph by Adam Lloyd Monaghan.

From the outset our aim is to showcase the most relevant documentary photographers be they established names or just emerging. We will endeavour to find and promote the overlooked documentary image makers from Britain and give them and their photographs the space they deserve. In the future we hope to open a gallery space and publish select works from the photographers that are able to be a part of the Centre for British Documentary Photography. 

Most of all we hope to inspire the new and or younger generations of artists and give them a place to research, find courses and eventually show their work. With help from donations, retail and possibly grants we will fund photographic projects and photographers documenting life in the UK. Please note that there is no charge for uploads.
Our immediate and long term aims:
     - Build an online exhibition space: D.E.S.
     - Create a quarterly Magazine.
     - Fund Commissioned Projects.
     - Promote documentary photographers.
     - Publish small collections of images.
     - Pay royalties to the photographers.
     - Open a Gallery.
     - Create an Educational platform.
     - Create a "kids with cameras" initiative.
All things evolve and there are a lot of ideas floating around for the future.
If you have a body of work that you feel is important, please get in touch.
If you have a link to educational and or photographic related text and Images, please also get in touch.
If you would like to support the CBDP with an advert, again, please get in touch
The CBDP needs your help. We are interested in large and small bodies of work, the minimum requirement is 10/15 quality images that work in the sphere of documentary. 
Ideally you have a website which is preferred but we can link to Twitter and Instagram. In every case you must add a backlink to our website. Platforms are perfect, we suggest Webador. 
Do make contact for advice, we are here to assist if we can. Due to funding and space limitations, not all work can be accepted, but please get in get in touch. It's free.

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