Gary Roberts.
Documentary Photographer.

After graduating from Zoology at Leeds University and working for a few years at a regular job I left the UK to live in Paris. Here I reconnected with my interest in photography and in particular photojournalism. I found a school, Speos (Paris Photographic Institute), then started to use the camera to form a career and tell stories I thought were important.

Some 30 years later having travelled on Photojournalist assignments to Bosnia, Ghana, Kenya, Macedonia, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Tanzania and USA I decided to compile from past visits and continued work a project highlighting the individuals who strive to protect the ecosystems of East Africa.

The aim was to give a voice to those individuals who work on a daily basis protecting the regions fauna and flora and show how this impacts Africa and beyond. ‘Voices from the Savannah’, the name I gave to the project, produced a book linked to the organisations operating at a grass root level to allow those that are interested to offer support.

Having recently completed an MSc in International Development at the University of Manchester, to gain a further insight into the issues involved, I am determined to maintain the momentum of the work and highlight the challenges faced. The project is ongoing as the results of the devastation to this part of our planet and its iconic wildlife has implications that concern us all during the climate crisis and degradation of biodiversity due to the Anthropocene.