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Welcome to the Centre for British Documentary Photography.

Documentary Photography - to make artistic and honest photos of the events, people and places before you. So creating a set of images that resonate and informs the viewer intelligently and without trickery or deceit. 

Photograph by Bharat Patel.

Here at the inclusive CBDP we plan to promote and support established and emerging British documentary photographers working in the UK and Internationally. Our interest leans strongly toward concerned photography, major social issues and also the lives of people on the margins of life. 
We welcome messages and submissions from all citizens and believe in images for change and vision without borders. 
Take a look at the Mission page to get a clearer picture of our aims and ambitions within the field of British Documentary Photography. We aim to grow and promote our photography platform through a network of documentary photographers old and new.
Photography has a long history and tradition in Britain, from the earliest cameras of Fox Talbot right up to the present day and since the beginning it can be said that "documentary" has been the most important and relevant genre.
It has covered everything from wars to births and has created a lasting legacy of incredible artistic images and historic record. It tells us where we have come from and where we might be going. It is art and news and everything in between. It is a powerful tool that has helped to change attitudes to war and working conditions, it has altered housing for the poor and highlighted both the good and bad in us humans. Today documentary photography is used to deliver strong images of climate change and drought and desperate people on the move across the globe. Its reach and power to inform us makes it one of the most important forms of photography and journalism. We welcome and wish to support photographers from all walks of life and are particularly interested in work that records the every day journey that all of us experience. As Dr. Jacques Rangasamy MBE suggested recently, "work from the margins may have a higher virtue than that from the known stories and Cities".
Join us as we collate, share and promote the best and most relevant work. Get in touch if you wish to help or advise.

Uploads are FREE. And always have been. Just point us in the direction of your website/work and if it fits the CBDP's direction - you're in. Simple. Please see the Submit page where you can easily fill in a form and Upload an image.
CBDP-Images Magazine: The aim is to create a quarterly magazine featuring the work of our "uploaded" photographers. If and when featured you will be paid a Royalty for each copy sold. No other platform is doing this and it is our aim to work towards a system where you can operate as a professional documentary photographer. The CBDP will pay and eventually commission photographers who are able to be a part of the CBDP. 

What the CBDP offers is a fresh approach. Here we are respected as individuals. Your work is your vision and you will be praised for that. If you believe in an open and fair vision for a new photography - please stay. You found your home and the world needs you! We believe in honest representation and presentation and welcome your view on society and the cultural events that help to define and shape our lives.

Please follow and support us, in our quest to support and promote the best of British Documentary Photography.

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