Lewis Jackson.
Documentary Photographer.

A Sight For Shore Eyes.

‘A sight for shore eyes’ as the original cliche ‘a sight for sore eyes’ suggests is a relief or joy to see something or someone pleasing to the eye, an observation of quintessential beauty. The Northumberland shoreline is an area of outstanding natural beauty and has some of the finest scenery in Europe. But what lies beyond the postcard facades? Having grown up near the coast I have experienced it in many ways and through different stages of my life. I feel a deep connection to the coast having strong family connections; my grandfather was a trawlerman who took his last breaths at sea.  I have always felt a particular familiarity with the sounds, smells and sights of coastal towns and their distinctive character. I wanted to try and capture this by focussing on more authentic or true-to-life representation of areas of coastline that are perhaps overlooked. I was interested in the residential areas and the fact that the coastline is a sanctuary for the people who live there. The coastline is also a place of refuge and escapism for people who want to experience the coast for quiet contemplation and its healing qualities for both body and mind. There is also a sadness that clings to the coastline, remnants of past industries and areas of stalled development show ways in which the coastline attempts to be reinvented. Similar to how a mountainous landscape can make you feel small and insignificant

The infinite shoreline in many ways reflects that same feeling of fragility. But perhaps this sense of vulnerability is what can enable us to fully appreciate and see everyday occurrences, as banal as they may be a sight for sore eyes.