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David Cross. 
Documentary Photographer and Founder of the CBDP.
Art School trained back in the early nineties I have been exhibited several times and successfully published. My newspaper coup was the first ever double page spread of colour images in my then daily local and Nationally with The Independent - Coal Face Project. Today my documentary work looks at life on the margins, from the back lanes of rural England to the mean streets of the UK's older towns. Concerned with people and their lifetimes the images explore a subterranean world that reminds us that here in the UK things are often less perfect than the glossy digital world would have us believe. I search for "things" and sometimes these hang together with other "things" that scratch the surface of life. These things I talk about are obviously signifiers and when linked together become subject matter. With this matter and its visual syntax I attempt to say something about the life I live in and that of others - I see my work as concerned. The documentary images shown here are from two projects, Fragments from the Surface and The Local Game. I work almost exclusively with 35mm film and present the images "full frame". Everything here was made with a Leica MP and HP5. Current work is an in-depth landscape project with various associations. See more of my documentary photography at this website www.document-now.com

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