Cameron Scott.
Documentary Photographer.

Documentary photography and the Protest March. Here's an example of a documentary photo by Cameron Scott.

All photos copyright Cameron Scott.

Recording the life at hand through documentary photography.

"Although I’ve been around photography since I was a teenager, it’s only in the past few years, since taking early retirement, that I’ve had the time to realise and execute the type of project work that I’ve been interested in since those school days. I had previously undertaken some themed street photography projects, such as a series of images that I made over the course of many years featuring people through bus windows. I had also documented the country fayres that take place near my home in South Lanarkshire, and had embarked on a plan, ultimately unfinished, to document the Scottish Independence movement. In Spring 2022 it became clear that there was significant industrial unrest afoot, both through workers’ pay demands and also the looming cost of living crisis. I myself had been growing increasingly disaffected with politics and the shape that our society was taking, and so I decided to document the unrest as it took shape in demonstrations in and around Glasgow. I had no idea how long this would last, or even what I would do with the project once it did end, although I had notions of making submissions to the various magazines who had featured my street photography in previous years. The industrial action project lasted nine months, during which time I became very close to the movement itself. A selection of twenty images were featured in an exhibition hosted by the Glasgow Trades Union Congress called Do We Sit Back, Or Do We Fight Back and the work was also featured in the Progressive Street journal, an agency whom I also joined as a full member. I have continued to document the many protests and marches that take place in Glasgow, such as ongoing industrial action, anti-racism marches, Pride and more recently demonstrations related to events in the Middle East. I’ve also produced a few photo essays on life closer to home, and I am currently working on a project documenting the work of the Glasgow Street Aid volunteer medical crews. In all of this I like to show, where possible, the emotions of the people taking part, the connections between them and I like to shoot close and wide, to bring the viewer into the frame, and thus the story".