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Documentary photo magazines were the holy ground of print media for photojournalists and from 2023 we aim to keep the spirit alive. After successfully publishing the first edition of Humanity we have now released Issue 2 & 3. Our release dates are March and September.
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Photo by documentary photographer Neil Goodwin.

Humanity is a cultural and documentary magazine of photography that connects photo-journalists and the written word. Mixing classic and contemporary documentary photography with text articles, always with a concerned approach.

Issue 3 of Humanity for March 2024 is here and we have documentary photo stories from:

Cath Muldowney who shares her work on Road Side Travellers. These images are up close and very personal, a testament to her abilities.

Barbara Dawn Smith from the U.S. presents her beautiful portraits of women who escaped the Greco-Turkish War of the early 1920's, now Grandmothers, these women share their stories.

We catch up with one of last of the British traditional surfboard shapers and discuss the history, culture and future, now that robots have taken over.

Lewis Jackson came to us with a brilliant set of images and text about "new build" housing in the U.K. We were able to interview a Director from a Housing Association helping to shed light on the bigger story.

David Gilbert Wright shares his poignant documentary images of Paul, a man struggling with Homelessness and the Covid Lock Down.

Barbara Dawn Smith and Laura Skilton collaborated on a very powerful piece about the Perimenopause, this is vital reading for men and women. 

From America we are honoured to have been able to dip into the vast portfolio of Ron Evans. His "street photography" is visceral and we hope you enjoy these Editors picks.

A glimpse of the North Devon Coastal Towns is also captured and presented, these are a part of a wider body of documentary photography from the region.

Humanity is the U.K.'s leading documentary photo magazine and publishing platform for concerned photojournalists.

Last few copies of Humanity, Issue 2 are available now at the reduced cost of £6.50.

Social Documentary Magazine on Photography.     Humanity Issue 2. September 2023.

New Documentary Photo Magazine

Humanity. Issue 2. September 2023. For U.K. delivery.

New Documentary Photo Magazine

Humanity. Issue 2. September 2023. For U.K. delivery.


A new photography magazine that fuses documentary photographs and the written word. Using a concerned approach to record traditions and culture. 

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Issue 2 of Humanity is now available to order.
We have moved the boundaries to bring you an exciting and truly interesting edition of our documentary photo magazine. We feature new work from American and Macedonian photographers as well as members of the CBDP. We fuse text and modern culture with documentary photos.

Turning the pages and seeing photographs in magazines is a pleasure.
These photos are in Issue 2 and made by documentary photographers:

Gary Roberts.

Adam Monaghan.

Barbara Peacock.

Biljana Jurukovski.

David Gilbert Wright.

Neil Goodwin.

David Cross.

Bharat Patel.

Sofia Conti.

See the video for a little peak inside Issue 1. Our motivation in publishing our photo magazine is and always has been to create a documentary platform that enables the photographers to share their own stories with the wider public. 
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With contributions from the photographers working with the CBDP we put together a news and culture photography magazine centred around modern examples of documentary story telling with compelling narratives and images. The aim was simple, a classic design with a good mix of themes and in the general ethos of the weekend magazines from the 1990's, but with a modern twist. Equally unique is the fact that this photography magazine is a journey in co-op style publishing - unlike all the other self publishing projects, all of the contributors share in the small profit that is realised. It is hoped that by constantly publishing a cutting edge journal and with your growing support we can eventually reach the supermarkets and newsagents around the globe. This is the grand plan in creating an independent photographer led professional publishing platform.

For issue two and beyond it was decided to broaden the reach and collaborate with other photographers to ensure a wide mix of stories and themes. We will soon publish stories from America and Macedonia as well as several hard stories from South America. The magazine sold globally so it feels like the right thing to do. These stories are important and it is an honour to be able to publish them. The documentary photographers featured here on the CBDP website are also working on their own stories and these will continue to be supported and published.

In March 2023 we published the first issue of Humanity, and we sold out. Thanks to you.
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Documentary photographers with the Centre for British Documentary Photography will have the chance to direct their own topics and  receive payment for their work.
The door is also open to photographers from around the world as we recognise the importance of sharing stories and images from regions we simply cannot reach.
These magazines will be limited editions and perfect for students of photography and collectors, as well as picture enthusiasts and those interested in current affairs. We will pay a royalty to the visual storytellers who have their work chosen, with the aim of creating a publishing platform for documentary photography. The format will run photo-stories with text and will be much like the magazines from the past, but with our own modern twist.
Please get in touch to talk about your possible involvement with our printed documentary magazine.

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