Andy Barton.
Documentary Photographer.

Documentary photographer Andy Barton, captures the mood of the Young Comminist League, London, England. 2023.

The Voices Series.
I guess I first became interested in documentary photography when I was working for an events company covering drunken students being, drunken students. Before the days of Facebook, people would actually want their picture taken in all states of intoxication and then actively look for that image the following morning. 

This taught me the power of the medium of photography; it captures the moment regardless of how grim it can be and provides a timeline of events that is crucial for future generations to look back at. 

The Voices Series is a timeline of political uncertainty within the UK. Starting with Black Lives Matter demonstrations and ending in Stop The War marches, there has never been more significant uncertainty and lack of trust in our political leaders. The series captures this and focuses on the people, not the politicians and capitalists trying to dictate how we live our lives.