Social documentary photographers. 

From around the UK, Europe and India we collate and share relevant, current and modern documentary photography. Here at the CBDP we believe in using the camera for positive change and we support the photographers who work towards this.

Find modern examples of British photographers working in documentary, Bharat Patel CBDP, documentary photo from India, 2022,

Image by documentary photographer, Bharat Patel.

Documentary photography has developed into a powerful tool, recognised around the world for it's strength in creating change and informing the public. On this page you can view modern examples of social documentary photography by photographers whose image's are informative and have a time and place that resonates in all directions. This isn't easy work, and few have the stomach for it and as Raymond Depardon said, "good pictures don't happen by accident", it takes more than a Leica and comfortable shoes.

Documentary Photographs by CBDP artists.

If the event has a time and place, the photographer has to be there to make the picture. Essentially that's what it's all about, the art of seeing and the aptitude and total commitment to see more and expand ones artistic vision.
The ability to sense stories and the skill to relate the information is obviously a key element in the work. Very few have the skills for this, it isn't easy and there are no reshoots! Documentary photography requires practice and an honest approach.
Collected here in the slide shows are documentary photographs from our current group of supporters, whose work have resonance and syntax, images that have at their centre the humanistic touch, the quality story telling and of course, maximum visual interest. We hope to bring more images and photographers in the near future.
We thank the Supporting Photographers for their commitment to our project and continued efforts in the space of documentary and photojournalism. We welcome and thank all of our photographers for their Submissions and hope that you enjoy this selection of documentary images from all of our participating photographers.

To see our latest documentary exhibition please see our Documentary Exhibition Space where you can view full projects by photographers working with the Centre for British Documentary Photography.

The slide show above shows the documentary photographs of David Cross, Adam Monaghan, Sofia Conti, Bharat Patel, Nicolas Ghirlando, Bryn Work and Neil Goodwin.  
All work in the modern style of documentary photography and each creates their own unique imagery, further extending the language of the British documentary movement and the culture archives. 

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