Humanity. Issue 3. March 2024. For North America and Canada delivery.

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A new photography magazine that fuses documentary photography and the written word. Using a concerned approach to record traditions and culture.
For North America and Canada.

Humanity 1/ March 2023.
Our first issue tackles a wide range of subjects and sets the tone for future editions.
We have Sofia Conti's work, Return O Backsliding Children, published in print for the very first time, Bharat Patel shares his documentary photographs from India looking at Female Construction Workers, and Adam Monaghan reveals redevelopment in Finland. All three have enlightening text articles.
Closer to home, Sofia Conti and David Cross collaborate on a piece about the struggles involved with Independent Retail, David also reveals the amateur football scene in the Forest of Dean, as well as a set of documentary photographs built around an Elvis Presley tribute. James Moverley shares his project from a heritage Coal Mine, along with text, very timely given the governments reopening of a huge coal mine in the North of England.
We also have a brilliant piece of writing from critical thinker, Dr. Jacques Rangasamy, who shares a "reflection" on climate change and culture. This is possibly the most important piece of writing on the subject at this time.
With additional photography from Bryn Lewis, Nicolas Ghirlando, Andy Barton and Neil Goodwin, we hope to have created a new photography magazine that caters for the traditional values of print media and informative, AI free photojournalism, and also a publication worth collecting.

The CBDP is committed to a concerned approach, please join us on this journey.
Thank you.
The Editor.